My Son’s Curiosity Gets the Best of Me

My Son’s Curiosity Gets the Best of Me

WARNING: This could be gross. As a parent of a one year old, I have come across a rather weird situation. There are often times when I’m alone with my son at home (no big deal), and I got to pee. No matter how well I try to time the day, the need always seems to...

EXACTLY, Who is the Guy Answering My House Phone?

A call comes in from the school. She introduces herself as a school official; the teacher of my daughter who is in the 2nd grade.  The caller seems to be nice. The then asks to speak to one of my daughter’s parents. My answer, “I am her dad, can I help you?” Her next...

To Be a Man Like Joseph

Today, I have the honor of writing the first post of the new year. We all know that the first of January is the signal that we need to take a new look at our resolution list. If you’re anything like me, you quit last year’s list earlier than you meant to...

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