We all want a strong and great future for our children. We wish them to be head of the class, best in the school and have all their best talents idolized.

What we should look for in our children is a set pattern which shows that our child(ren) for a productive life as an adult.

I want all of my children to be successful.  I (we) want our children to matter.

To do any of this, children must be feed into.

Banking in / on our children is not always based in the financial ability to stand firm in society. It must be created and honed from the deposits made in them by their parents (mother and father). I do understand that we are the sum of all the adults who have access to impact our years of maturation.

Parenting is an active lifestyle. It requires the father to decide how strong he will be involved in the days of maturation from the first time he holds all of his children in his hands.

We need to feed into our children’s days with as much positivity as possible. The conversation with our children does not always have to be boring or filled with poignant, heart-tugging stories. Add humor to your personal stories because they will remember the things you say much much longer.

Being conservative with our time when it comes to our children is being openly selfish. How will they grow to reach their potential if DADs do as little to engage their children in all areas their days and allow them to know us beyond the ability to bring home weekly financial gains.

Banking deposits are made weekly and consistently. Sometimes it is done with a smile, right?

Life Deposits are made in each moment we shut off the television and look into our children’s eyes and allow them to tell us all the things – which excite them, make them cry, limit them from keeping friends or losing a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Life Deposits are made when we take the time to “act a fool” with our children while they play.

Life Deposits are developed when time is taken to ask of our children who and what do they see themselves becoming when they are grown and out of our houses.

Life Deposits in my own daughters is daily texts, monthly Father/Daughter Dates and moments in which I sit and listen to all they say into my day.

Banking is the active ability to stand three feet from the basketball goal and bouncing the ball off the corner of the white box painted on the backboard.  Over and Over and Over, we stand and practice this difficult shot. We watch the ball hit the back corner of the goal and travel in directions not considered.

Banking in Life Deposits is that defined activity in which the DAD positions his days in ways that he remains within three feet of ear shot of his child’s heart.  He has to consider the amounts he will deposit into his child’s heart and how much he is willing to withdraw.


Fellowship is the active part of any relationship.

Knowing the heart of our children cements the foundations and the distance in which our bank shots can be taken and made.basketball

Here is how we start in building the self-esteem and self-efficacy of our children and entire families:

  1. List out yearly goals for the family to participate – family planning time opens up the lines of communication and teaches the child good goal setting traits
  2. Make defined and definite plans for yearly out of town (state) trips – work to save $600 a year for a good one day trip
  3. Have weekly and monthly “Family Nights”- this action tells the child, “I do enjoy your company”
  4. Eat dinner as a family as often as possible – sitting at dinner and talking feeds into the idea that the family is a REAL Family and surpasses all they see on televsion

Not only is the family stronger, but the child(ren) arevalidated and secure because all portions of the household moves and breathes with a hope that none of the bank shot will miss.


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