To say the least it’s extremely stressful and crazy packed full of insane. I cannot emphasize this anymore than that. People wonder why there are so many overweight men out there, or why men are dying of heart attacks due to stress, work, innutritious eating habits, and so on. Well in my personal opinion I feel we do it to ourselves for the most part.

We over-eat because we are over stressed, over worked, and have placed too much responsibility on our backs. Take me for an example. I fully intend to set my alarm and get up at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning; however, come the morning I will hit the snooze button several times and wake up late to get my kids ready for school. Why will I do this you may ask. Well, it’s because I have packed so much into my day and have not eaten healthy nor have I exercised.

So, my body is saying, “No! Mat you need to sleep another three hours because I have not had enough time to fix even a third of the crap that you have done to yourself. Oh, and you really shouldn’t have eaten that ice-cream and drank that beer last night. That was a bad idea.”

So yeah, being a Dad is difficult, but that’s just one part of the job sucker. You also have to provide money (and even as a stay-at-home dad, you still have to do this), be the spiritual leader of the household, maintain a standard for everyone (especially your children), be the councilor and sound wall for your wife,and be the most consistent person in the house. You, of all people, need to be submissive, because one of the things that will constantly—without fail, always for the rest of your life will beat you over the head and kick you in the junk—is find out that you are wrong a huge portion of the time. Not only this, but you must also be slow to anger, slow to speak, and quick to listen. If you don’t do this, you will surly perish in your depravity.

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply walk away from a reactive situation with your wife. Others may say that it is good to stay in that tension, but most of the time (if you want to keep your manhood) it is simply better knowing when to walk away or when to stay. You only find that out though if you follow what I said previously. So, yeah being a dad is an extremely difficult and unglorified job because most people in today’s society simply expect you to just go off the deep end at the drop of a hat.

Well, you can’t do that because that is too easy. God didn’t do that, no. God displayed true love and devotion. Sure he had his times of anger but with a bride like us, who wouldn’t? God submitted and reduced himself to nothing gave the world a better chance and tore out his own heart so that ours could still keep beating. That’s the kind of love I want to express. Not some kind of cheap puppy dog love that comes on the first date with a wedding ring, but a love that is sacrificial. I display a love that changes more diapers that one can remember. I display a love that is there through the times of pain, gore, and vomit.

All so I can lay in the grass with my family and watch a comet. I gain weight and lose weight, eat less and more, read to my children, listen to my wife (even though she thinks I don’t), work till my hands are raw, and think and calculate till I lose my mind and go insane. I wake up from dreams of potential failure, but I know that I have not because the Lord has given me all that I have, and I pray that he never takes them away. Then I lay down my head and thank the Lord for all that he has done, because in him I have won.

photo credit: SalFalko via photopin cc


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