WARNING: This could be gross.

As a parent of a one year old, I have come across a rather weird situation. There are often times when I’m alone with my son at home (no big deal), and I got to pee. No matter how well I try to time the day, the need always seems to happen when he’s awake. So I’m stuck with three options: 1) hold it (ya right), 2) lock him out of the bathroom and listen to him scream, or 3) let him into the bathroom with me.

I opt for number 3. I’m not sure what psychological damage I’m doing to my son, but maybe the example will help him potty train. It has to be better than letting my son think his daddy’s locked himself away, right?

Here’s where the gross part comes up. Advert your eyes if you feel it necessary.

My son has that inquisitive nature. You know, the one that means he has to touch everything so he can figure out what it is. Right now, he’s fascinated with the toilet. This has naturally led to a rather awkward balance of one hand taking care of business and the other holding my son away from the toilet.

I was reflecting on this the other day (partly because I’m sure it’s left me with some psychological damage), and it occurred to me that this is often how God ends up treating me. See, my curiosity often gets the better of me, and I go wondering into something I shouldn’t be. God, who is ever so gracious, doesn’t just lock me out. Sadly, I don’t always have the impulse control to keep out of things I shouldn’t be in. I end up forcing God to do a balance of letting me in and holding me back.

It’s amazing how often I look at my son and think to myself that he’s years away from being mature enough to know what isn’t good for him. This begs me to look at my own life and question whether or not I am mature enough. I find more often than not I simply failed to keep myself on the right path and out of trouble.

Yet the amazing thing is this: I, like my son with me, never lose God’s love. No matter what I get myself into, God is always there to guide me out.

So when I’m taking care of business, I reflect on what I’ve gotten myself into that day. When I need help out, I look for the hand of God to hold me back.

photo credit: tommie m via photopin cc


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