I am going to be honest here with you. Being a Dad is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but being a Dad with solid Christian values has reshaped the way I see the world. I look at my daughters as princesses and my sons as princes. I have entirely different expectations for my children’s future than that of those who do not believe in the Lord.

I fully intend to raise my children up fully immersed in the name of Jesus Christ. That not only means raising them up to be good people. It means to raise them up to be followers of Jesus. I don’t want my kids to be cast to the waves of this world. I want them to cling to the rock that is Jesus Christ. I want them to know that Jesus is the reason why they exist and continue to draw breath.

It is my hope that they will indeed cling to Jesus especially in those hard times and times of temptation. For my sons, it is my hope that they would cling to the image of Jesus and not the images this world has to offer. For my daughters, it is also my hope that they wouldn’t cling to the images of this world. I hope that my sons wouldn’t seek out images of women that don’t represent reality; same goes for my daughters. I don’t want my sons to seek in order to lust, and I don’t want my daughters to seek in order to emulate.

I want my sons to work and to watch for Jesus. I want my daughters to seek Jesus. It is my goal to raise my children to love but to also be wise in Jesus, not in this world. Don’t get me wrong I love this world, but I love Jesus much, much more. We need to stop with the porn, irresponsibility, ignorance, selfishness, wickedness, divorce, drunkenness, and gluttony. Like I said, I am going to be honest: we need more of Jesus. So that’s my plan to raise my children to be more like Jesus.

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