Unlike my three blogging compatriots, I am relatively new to parenting. Kevin has eight kids (yes, I said eight), Dan has two, Mat has four, and I have just one, who is sixteen months old. Being so new, I’m often telling my stories to these three guys, and hearing stuff like, “Yup, that happened to me,” or, “The best way to handle that . . .” There’s really nothing like having some father buddies to bounce your problems off. Especially when following a trail of poo . . .

Well, my story today was about a rather unique situation that I’m not entirely sure any of these guys went through. Oh, it’s likely they went through something similar, and maybe you have, too. But have you ever had an experience where your kid literally lays out for you a trail of feces to follow around the house? Here’s my story . . .

On Saturday, we were having our lazy day. Our son is still young enough that we’re doing the family shower, which is going to be changing soon because he’s so active. So he and I get out of the shower, and I take him in the other room to put his diaper on. I grab the remote (like an idiot) and switch on the TV. Naturally, my distraction was the perfect opportunity for my son to dart away.

He’s laughing, so I turn and see what’s up. There he is in the hallway . . . peeing. Whelp, that’s nothing new, and my bad for hitting up the TV. I grab a towel, and get to work cleaning. If you haven’t caught it, mistake number two was cleaning rather than diapering first.

AGAIN, he’s laughing. I look up, and he’s in the kitchen . . . pooing. CRAP! (no pun intended.) I quickly ran and grabbed him, pulled him aside, and began using the towel to clean up the next mess.

YET AGAIN! He’s freaking laughing. I see another trail of poo and pee, all over the kitchen (thankfully, not the carpet). I’m running around, trying to clean up, and he’s running around laying even more trails for me to follow. My wife, still in the shower, hears the commotion and asks, “Did he pee on the floor again?” I yell back, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN DID???”

Eventually, I gave up, grabbed my son (who is covered in poo by now), and shoved him back in the shower with his mommy (all while he’s giggling up a storm). I went back to my task of cleaning. I totally admit defeat. There was literally no way I could have won that battle. What I want to know is where on earth he was storing all of it!!!

So imagine me, sitting in front of my computer, and thinking, “how do I turn a trail of poo into a sermon illustration?” Well, there’s the obvious: Jesus has to clean up our crap. Then there’s the not-so-subtle: we’re often obnoxious when it comes to the messes we create. Then it hit me:

How many of our mistakes has God totally been rolling on the ground laughing at?

Lets face it: my son won the battle. There wasn’t a darn thing I could do to keep up without walking away from the mess and tending to him first. I didn’t have a chance. We always think of God as being supremely powerful (which he is), but I suspect he’s often wondering how to intervene on our messes. True, my son would have eventually run dry, which means I eventually would have caught up, but the situation was already out of hand. Any longer, and I likely would have broken down in tears of laughter and frustration.

What about you? Do you have any good poo stories about your kids that caused you to reflect on God? Much of what my son does causes me to reflect on how God must view me. I never suspected a poo story to cause that kind of reflection. What has your kid done that made you rethink how God must be viewing you?

photo credit: HAMED MASOUMI via photopin cc


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