300208_146831998747813_1425611621_nToday, we want to share with you a Kickstarter Project we started to help fund the recording of music written by our great friend Sarah Russo. Before you ignore it because it’s yet another thing to give your money, please take a moment and hear her story.

It takes a fair amount of work to get to know Sarah. You see, Sarah saved quite a bit of money for her CD years ago. Unfortunately, she was confronted with a life changing problem: she lost 80% of her hearing over the course of just a few months. That CD money went to hearing aids. Unfortunately, she has been unable to build the saving enough to bring your vision to fruition.

We met Sarah at George Fox Evangelical University. By this point, her dream of putting her songs onto CD appeared to be forever unmet. Like many students in our society today, she is likely having to pay for school with loans. This has probably killed the possibility of her dream ever coming true.

Already fairly quiet, Sarah put herself into a brand new environment with a bunch of strangers that she couldn’t hear very well. What a blessing for us! She thinks brilliantly, communicates clearly, and writes and sings because this is who she is. The Spirit fills her and it has to come out. Sarah may be the smallest and quietest member of our seminary cohort, but her presence is enormous.

We can’t get Sarah to sing enough. When we heard her tell the story about losing her hearing and CD project at the same time, we wanted to break down in tears. When she explained what that taught her about Jesus, we knew her strength. As we have talked about her story between the four of us, we am not sure we could handle it with the poise and strength that Sarah did.

Sarah is extremely private, and her story is not shared with many. We hope she can forgive me for plastering it all over the internet; however, we want to help light a new flame for her dream. Of everyone in our cohort, quite frankly she deserves this the most.

Please take the time to contribute towards our kickstarted to help fund Sarah’s CD. There are a few pledge options:

Pledge $5 or more: With this pledge, you will receive out heartfelt thanks.

Pledge $25 or more: With this pledge, you will receive a copy of the heavily reviewed eBook “The Heritage Tree” written by Robin K. Johnson (aka, Kevin Wade, one of the authors here at Odd Man Out).

Pledge $50 or more: With this pledge, you will receive a download link for this album and her previous self-titled album.

Pledge $100 or more: With this pledge, you will receive a download link for this album, her previous self-titled album, and she will record your outgoing voicemail message.

Please click the link and give what you can. If everyone gives $5, we need just less than 1300 people to pledge. If everyone gives $25, we need only 160 people to pledge. if everyone gives $50, we need only 80 people to pledge. If everyone pledges $100, we need only 40 people to pledge.

We are grateful for Sarah’s presence in our lives. She has taught us what it means to be silently humble. Don’t mistake this though: she speaks some of the most profound stuff. We am in awe of her, and will do whatever we can to help her bring her dream to light.



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