The attitude that we possess when we are entering a new situation has a great deal to offer towards the outcome being strongly positive or considerably miserable. Facing storms in our days takes a great deal of preparation and courage: not one person truly likes unrequested emergencies, challenging circumstances and heartbreaks. Being prepared for some of them lessens the pain and amount of tears shed. But they happen and sometimes they seem to pop up like pimples on a smooth face.

Our position in the family as father has a direct impact on decisions made and the depth of the family’s self-esteem.

The skill set of a Sailboat Captain is remarkable and deep:
•He must know every inch of his vessel
•He must understand the power of the motors
•He must know the size and stresses of each sail and the masts they ride upon
•He must have a good relationship with his crew
•He must realize, HE CANNOT DO IT ALL

The role of the father in the house must be open and have a base Kenostic catalyst in order for future and continued successes. The father’s role in the house must imitate the way Christ Jesus moves in his life—open and accepting. Kenosis defined in the father/dad—his heart and mind must be open to receive criticism, heartache, frustration and moments of solitude while in a crowd of people or engaged in conversation with the members of his family.  A father must empty out of himself so his family can grow and feed into each other’s days.


Dad, you are not the only smart person in the house!!

The new or rediscovered father must do the following to have peace and success in his house:

•He must look ahead with bright & positive attitude
•He must trust and believe in all the members of his house
•He must understand that the burden of the family is not a one person adventure
•He must be willing to COMMUNICATE WITH HIS WIFE
•He must be willing to talk and listen to his family’s needs and see their inherited abilities
•He must know the character / personality of his soul mate and TRUST HER to take the wheel from time to time
•He must realize, He Cannot Do It All On His Own

All of the above and more can lead to a great many successful voyages.

Family life should be likened to the life of the crew of a sailboat. They are varied in size, capabilities and can handle certain situations and storms with / without a full complement (crew). Certain situations can be so overwhelming that it may take the entire family’s prayers, discussions and tears to reach a final and good decision to keep the boat afloat. That is, if the crew has been given all of the information about the storm facing the family.


Growing up, there was a simple rule for the children of the house concerning adult conversation, “kids are to stay out of adult conversation.” Well, after commenting in three different conversations, I removed myself from the room as soon as Mother’s friends would show up with that, I Need Help Look. Their business to me was their business.

Now that I have a family of my own, I keep to the same rule, but have found myself leaving the room when my wife’s friends come to the house.  Their business is their business. Well, that is if she wants me to be in the conversation and my wisdom is of value and warranted. This took time to learn and receive on both parts. Questions would arise to the nature of me leaving the room and how far I trust my wife. My answer is always the same; they are my wife’s friends and their conversation should not involve me unless my wife is in the room.

Trust and Respect follows great and open communication. Texting me while we are in the same house, shows glimpses of a limited and dying relationship. If we are unable to open our mouths and speak to all members of our family about any approaching storm, the family’s sailboat will begin to take on water and ultimately sink.


Though the deck of any ocean-going vessel is slippery, the short, shoulder wide steps allow each member of the crew to get around the boat safely and complete needed tasks to keep the voyage enjoyable.

–said like a DAD in development

When each person moves in the house with pride and care, each is careful not to create confusion or step on any toes in order to keep the peace and the family focused on making it through the storm with an ability to completely enjoy those days of sunshine and smooth waters.


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