First book I ever read by myself:

Green Eggs and Ham

Lately I have been reading this book to my kids and they love it. It still makes me think about breakfast. It is funny how a book can illicit such fond memories. I used to read that book over and over way back in elementary school.

The same thing happens with some songs and movies. I will put something like The Little Mermaid in for my girls, and remember back to when my sister would take over the television for days just to watch The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. I still love Princess Bride. ha ha.

One could easily apply this to Biblical principles, verses, and the sort. I remember living out in the woods with my parents. I would put on my walk-man and dance and sing to Amy Grant worship music. When I think back to that time of simple worship where I didn’t care if people were looking, I can sense the Holy Spirit’s prescience.

Sometimes when I am with my children, I can sense the Lord’s prescience. I wish I was more aware of this prescience during my times of anger and aggression. Though those times are few and far between, it would still would be nice to recognize the Lord’s prescience.

Why do we complicate things with self interest, greed, anxiety, and the want for things? Sometimes the simple Green Eggs and Ham is all you need.

AdolfGalland via photopin cc


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