This age is full of symbols, sights, smells, sounds, and images we get to experience and interact with. The average American wakes up, brushes teeth, showers, gets ready for work, brings kids to school, comes home, thinks about dinner, makes dinner, eats dinner, watches T.V., some other assortment, goes to bed, and repeats for the next 364 days of the year.

Now, there are anomalies to this course of action. Sometimes (a lot of times) something changes. Sometimes you forget your keys, forget to use a hot-pad when moving that cast iron skillet, decide to turn left instead of right, or you take a day off work and watch reruns all day; whatever it is, it changes and reshapes your life. The beauty about humans isn’t that we are creatures of habit, but that we are creatures of change and potent variety. The greatest tragedy one could come upon is the lack of variety, creativity, and beauty.

In this life each person should consider at least the following three things: Time, Fragility, and Purpose. Lately we have been discussing the issue of lust and I am here to tell you how to beat it into submission until it is no longer ruling your life. I am not saying you won’t lust, but I am saying it will no longer have power over you. I hope you are ready because we have little time and, with this being a fragile topic, I must keep to my purpose.

Make Your Time Count

You only have one life and it is fleeting. You are like a deer in the woods and the hunter is just over the next ridge. You are child with cancer. You are the flower in the field. You are the pumpkin on the porch and the hooligans are just around the corner with the bat. You are the bird the little boy is about to shoot out of the tree. But most of all you are going to die someday.

This isn’t a joke, but it is reality. Today we can be so wrapped up in what we are doing that we forget death. We hide it or we hide ourselves under the sheets. We fool ourselves into thinking it isn’t real by removing ourselves from it as much possible. We don’t even have to slaughter our own meat these days, and it’s a shock when we are confronted by such a concept. You will die, so spend your time wisely.

Become Fragile

I used to love making beautiful clay pots. I did the whole process from scratch and by the time I was done they would be like precious glass. Then I would kindly borrow my art teacher’s golf clubs and proceed to practice my swing on those precious pots.

Our minds and bodies are much like these clay pots, but much more fragile, and we need to preserve them if we have any value of life. As humans we strive for perfection—to a point. The question remains, where is your point of stopping? We cannot stop at, “I’m a good person.” We need to push further into perfection to the point of fragility.

Find Your Purpose

What do you care about? Do you love someone or something? This is what purpose is, a driving force that compels a person to keep on living. Children have it easy because they simply love living. Adults have it a bit harder because they have more options or even the lack of options.


If you struggle with lust you can be free of it by waking up to the reality of your fragile short life and what little you have left because death is coming for you. You need to also know that you are not in this alone. There may or may not be people who are there for you, but know this one thing remains the same now and forever: Jesus Christ who died for your sins, is with you always, and his purpose is for you to live life to the fullest. Whenever you sin or struggle with lust, or even give into lust, know that Christ is there to see you through. You must remember his purpose and you must recognize your own, and that is to live.

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