As a child, many of us have heard the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and have never thought upon it other than the villain was taken down by a larger and more active opponent. This is how we have been inducted into the mindset that the bigger or stronger one is then the greener grass, and used for anyone who would partake of the pastures. In this story, the bridge’s access is open because there was one who dropped his head and went on with his plan of action.

THE CHRISTIAN FATHER’S ATTITUDE SHOULD BE GREATER AND EFFECTIVE if he is to ensure the inheritance he is leaving his children does not leave others stranded and hopeless. The message of the father is to be the catalyst that inspires his children to great, positive things for the world so they can have access to many of the world’s bridges, right?

But when you take a look at the Southern part of the United States, there is some gathering at the water’s edge and looking confused. This opens the doors for the question, “Is there something in the water, which has caused many many many ‘righteous thinking’ people to lose their ever-loving minds and become selfish and greedy?”

In taking a second look at the troll in the story, not once is there any indication that he wanted to eat any of the green grass in the meadow. His entire objective was to fill his own belly with some things that did not belong to him. When he could not get what he wanted, he was willing to set himself on the bridge and block everyone else from getting what they saw to be good, though he did not cherish it for himself.

I have sat back and taken objective looks at the people doing the most screaming on the problems of people crossing into this country from the Southern side, and realize that there is not the same fervor for those entering from the Eastern and Western borders by plane or airbus. But both groups entering should receive the same attention. But there is something that is causing hurtful and demeaning reactions to be displayed on television and radio for our children to take in and regurgitate at a later date. How do we make them successful when all the actions given are not productive?

Where do we begin as parents in displaying the best qualities—wait the best Christ-like qualities—wait the best Gandhi-like qualities—toward our fellow man, and in the case of the US border issues—the children? How do we plant seeds of success in the minds of our children when the shouted rhetoric in the United States is based on decades of brewing hatred and not the greener grass?

Here it is in a nutshell: we all reside in our own little pastures. We all can see and experience green grasses mixed in with a little stress and strife. Mine is a prairie in Southeast Texas with bridges blocked by decades of “do not cross” or “this is not a place for your kind.” I truly believe that I was not on the road to success until God answered my prayer of allowing me to attend a school that challenged me as a man and made me a better Christian. All of my thoughts and hopes were based on the learnings from George Fox University, and God had a bridge that He wanted me to cross so I can get to greener grasses. The successes that I have had in the last four years are revitalized on a daily basis because of the four men God has allowed me to grow, love, and respect as friend and brother.

“SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR CERTAIN OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP OTHERS. Unsuccessful people are always the first to ask, what’s in it for me?” –Brian Tracy

In October 1886, the Statue of Liberty was gifted to the United States as a beacon of hope for those seeking the greener grasses of the newest country on the block. Fast forward some 300 years and the residents of this new country are acting “brand new” (acting stuck up, funny, different towards your peeps, neighbors, friends, church members). The actions and words coming from a few selfish and limited thinking “Christians” sets the meaning of the phrase inscribed on Lady Liberty to be a farce and devoid of any relevant meaning in this new century.

If we are truly to make a great inheritance for our children to follow, then we must drop all we THINK we own and turn to Christ, and not the “christ” we have developed in our downward thinking religions (Matthew 19:16–22).

As a husband and father, my working goal is to build a clear bridge in my son and daughters to respect and love their friends past the borders of skin. I have consistently and persistently told my friends, who are not like me, that if all they see of me is the color of my skin when they speak of me out of ear shot, and call me “my black friend Kevin” then they do not consider me to be adequate of their love or respect. At that moment, our friendship is at an end.


“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, THE HOMELESS, tempest-tost to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”


The purpose of the image of the statue was to be that of hope and friendship. But there is a great lack of friendship between the French and the United States, and now there is a great swell in the US to deride those who are homeless and need assistance from those who are openly blocking the bridge and the greener grasses.

Evidently something personal has been crucified when it comes to being friends, caring for others and then walking in a Christ-like—wait, Gandhi-like—wait, Mother Theresa-like pattern when it comes to the choices made in helping certain people in the world.

Hope has been captured and is scheduled to be killed off in these United States. This is my view with experiences from a Southern upbringing; nothing more and nothing less.

Yeah, go ahead and say that I am bordering on racism at this point, but the aid that goes from this country flows freer to those who are less pigmented and can offer something in return. Yeah, I am saying that this country is not based on success, but in the latter part of the earlier phrase when it asks, “what’s in it for me?”

Humanitarian crisis based on the actions of this country are only seen extreme when the interests of the United States are threatened and money is involved.



What is in it, is for all of us should be the seeds that we plant in our children when we teach them that they can be friends with someone and not have to see or say the color of their skin as moniker and reason to befriend them. What’s in it, is the knowledge that all of our foreign neighbors can trust that the bridge is not going to be blocked and that when they come to us for assistance after losing home and family, we all should be willing to work with and find solutions to help the huddled masses and those suffered and are seeking a hand up.

The thing that burns my last, back nerve are statements from the political landscape concerning, “the rise of brown people in the United States,” as if the only people who are of concern in the UN-United States are those seeking to get and gain more opportunities off the work and labor of those who have been hurt and disenfranchised.

There is a bridge that needs boards and clamps repaired so those who truly need to cross are able to do so without the possibility of their travels ends on the horrifically. The waters that flow under the bridge should be the same waters that carried Moses and Noah into the salvation of a new land, new opportunities and unlimited discoveries covered by the grace of God and not the brown color their skin possessed. God is not limited in any form or fashion.

There was one lamb that made direct efforts to clean, replace broken boards, and shore up the bridge to deliver a message. He was captured and killed for his efforts because his work and words instilled hope and liberty into those who were the downtrodden, huddled masses. His message is still filled with hope and it resonates in the souls of those seeking greener grasses. His message is carried out by His Spirit without failure.

So why should the trolls feel that there is a limit to liberty, freedom, and hope?

photo credit: Doug Wildman via photopin cc


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